Letters 1.8.20

Out and about

DR GUNZBURG needs to get out more, reading his letter regarding Andrew Smith’s editorial about the divided nature of this country.

I can hardly see any further proof is needed that there are a lot more ‘have nots’ than ‘haves’ in Australia and that social inequity has been a given for many years.

The evidence is all all around us; take a walk around Fremantle or Perth at 9am or 9pm and see the street-sleepers living on the margins. 

Talk to workers in retail or aged-care, people needing to hold two casual jobs in order to survive. 

Perhaps he still believes in the myth of ‘Australian Egalitarianism’ or that the title of Donald Horne’s book The Lucky Country was factual rather than ironic. 

As for putting comment on the Herald’s front page, we are fortunate to have a local paper that takes an interest in domestic and local politics rather than the anodyne pieces published in other free publications. 

Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra

Grudge Judy

IN this time of uncertainty we all look forward to something that would make us smile.

But there is always a hiccup like the following: I sent an email to the Editor advising that the Stock Road Seniors Club had a member celebrating her 104th Birthday and could they come and see her in action at the Bingo table, but I did not even receive an acknowledgement of my request. 

May Moore had a lovely day even having a special win at Bingo.

It was  also an opportunity to let people know that the Stock Road Seniors Club is open again and everyone is very happy to be back with friends enjoying their activities and having a laugh.

My second grudge is the remark made in “Bowlers score 50 year lease” as follows “The last thing we need is the ageing population to be isolated in their own homes with nowhere to go and socialise”. 

Melville Council is not putting the ageing demographic back to the forefront, when they are putting the Stock Road Seniors Club the only one in the district out of their home of 40 years where people have been enjoying socialising, making friends and enjoying their activities. 

Not everyone can bend and put a bowl down the length of a bowling green, or afford to pay $285 to become a bowling member.

Judy Harper
Point Walter Road, Bicton

An affair with intrigue

I REFER to the article entitled “A strange connection” (Thinking Allowed, Herald, July 25, 2020).

The ‘Loans Affair’ help bring down a government and caused a great division within this country.

It was with great interest that I read this article, as I believe that this time period was one of the most ‘colourful’ in Australia’s modern history.

Back in 1975 I was a youthful 23 year old with a full head of hair and a mind for intrigue. 

So to read about people who had direct involvement in this saga was a real treat. 

I too remember the names of agencies that were bandied around at the time; ASIO, ASIS, MI5 and MI6 – my mind was salivating. ‘

I was hoping that somewhere along the line a mysterious ‘Bond-like’ figure would come in and save the day.  Unfortunately, for Gough Whitlam’s sake, it wasn’t him.

It certainly sounds like that both Allan Crawford and Colin Nichol led very interesting lives and that this particular epic suited them perfectly.

Also, I can still vividly remember the day that Gough was impeached, as I was working as a bar manager in one of Fremantle’s hotels.

It certainly caused an outcry in the port city and I remember angry workers marching through the streets voicing their anger.

So all in all, in my opinion this article was one of the best that has appeared in your paper and it certainly brightened up my day.

Steve Grady
Murray Road, Palmyra

Crrrruuunnch that bridge

IT is interesting to read that the construction of a new traffic bridge in North Fremantle may be brought forward as an ex-Covid stimulus measure; good for the local economy and improved road and safety conditions, etc. 

The main reason, one assumes, for the replacement of the old traffic bridge is the age and condition of the present structure which will be extremely costly, now and in the future, to maintain at a safe level. 

Consequently, I find it extraordinary that a certain group of people within the community want the old bridge retained for the exclusive use of pedestrians and cyclists. 

I find that an extremely selfish proposition; they would also want, one presumes, that the structure to be maintained at public expense so that they have their own exclusive river crossing point. 

How the new structure is designed is up to the relevent engineers of course, regarding position, height width and so on, but one only has to look at the Mount Henry bridge spanning the Canning River to see cyclist and pedestrians can be catered for. On the Mount Henry bridge there is a separate lower deck under the main roadway above which caters for cyclists and pedestrians, well separated from the Freeway traffic above. 

I’m sure such an arrangement could be designed into a new Fremantle traffic bridge, new and safe for all for years to come.

Rod Steed,
Hellam Grove, Booragoon
The Ed says:
Well, it wasn’t for nothing that it made it onto the state’s heritage register, and as the only bridge in Perth where you can legally fish it has a special place in the hearts of many Fremantlians.

Just a coincidence?

GOOD news that MP Simone McGurk is finally giving some attention for a very needy project in her electorate namely the State’s oldest building the Fremantle Round House (“Tourism and tradies push,” Herald, July 25, 2020).

Is it any coincidence that Ms McGurk was at the Round House proclaiming she would advocate for funding for the historic building, less than two weeks after her Liberal opponent in next year’s State election Miquela Riley advocated the same.

It is amazing what a little competition will do; new face new ideas.

Mary Stanton

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