Nice touch

TIME doesn’t stand still in Melville – it goes backwards.

The pace of life is so slow I once saw a pensioner over taken by a tortoise in a wheelchair.

But I secretly love the suburb; especially all the fantastic eateries like Delicious Fingers. 

Situated on the shopping strip on Marmion Street, this cafe has a rustic vibe and feels casual and unpretentious.

The menu was typical cafe fare with an all-day breakfast, burgers, wraps and salads. 

The $10 kids menu included egg on toast with a slice of bacon, and cheese and ham quesadilla, which was a refreshing change from the ubiquitous chicken nuggets or pizza.

It was a lovely day so we sat outside in the alfresco, soaking up the sun like middle-class lizards.

The cafe was pretty busy with a genteel mix of couples, ladies hobnobbing, the odd entrepreneur with a laptop, and retirees.

I even spotted a man with a beer belly reading The Hobbit.

It had a nice relaxed vibe and felt like somewhere you could linger if you had more time.

As we waited for our meal I got stuck into my berry smoothie ($9), which was served in a jam jar glass with a straw.

The smoothie was super thick – like pink tar – with a refreshing burst of berry, banana, strawberry and apple.

I always feel like a plonker drinking out a jam jar with a straw – like I’m in an aged care home for hipsters – but the smoothie was delicious and very filling.

My wife likes her coffee nuclear hot (imagine drinking it wearing welder’s gloves), so she was in seventh heaven when the waitress arrived with her piping hot chai latte ($6 extra large mug).

“I’ve had many tepid chai lattes, so this gets 10 out of 10 in my book. It’s hot and perfectly balanced.”

The service was super quick and the waitress soon returned with my mushroom king ($17.50) – field and enoki mushrooms perched on a slice of rye wholemeal continental toast with a free range poached egg.

The mushrooms had a nice beefy kick and the egg was perfectly cooked, but this dish really came to life when you mixed in the tangy goat curd, creating a moreish cocktail of flavours. 

The balsamic glaze and spinach were good, but some of the cherry tomatoes hadn’t been sautéed enough, and I would have preferred a slightly softer avocado, which didn’t present well and would have been better sliced. Across the table, my wife’s soup of the day (mixed vegetable $10) was going down a treat. 

“For 10 bucks it’s amazing value and has a complex broth with tons of veggies.”

A quick audit revealed onion, carrot, red pepper, spinach, and kidney and cannellini beans.

“The toasted bread is lovely as well, and it’s a light, tasty option”

Delicious fingers is great value and they had $10 toasties as well as soup of the day, so it could be a regular haunt without bursting the bank.

File under casual and tasty.

Delicious Fingers
350 Marmion St, Melville


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