Skate park off rail

COCKBURN council has sent a proposed skate park in Aubin Grove back to the drawing board after stiff community opposition.

The council was ready to start working on park designs at Radiata Park just west of Aubin Grove Primary School, but a petition from locals presented to last week’s council meeting stopped councillors in their tracks.

Ward councillor Lara Kirkwood says a new ‘visioning workshop’ with neighbouring residents, youth groups and representatives from council’s youth services will try to break the deadlock. 

“The workshop will be led by an independent facilitator from Aubin Grove who will help the groups explore designs for potential youth facilities in Radiate Park that fit the desires of the community, then this report will come back to a future council meeting,” Cr Kirkwood said.

Three deputations of residents to last week’s meeting highlighted that most were keen for something new in the park, but not a skate park.

They argued the location was not suitable as its wide open spaces were already taken up with youngsters playing soccer, cricket, and basketball, with some suggesting the money should instead be allocated to give those groups better amenities.

Cr Kirkwood said residents weren’t keen on a toilet in the park, either, as it gave the impression it was more than the “local park” they wanted to see Radiata remain.

“There was a concern with safety, and in order to put a skate park in they would have to rip up all the open space,” she said.


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