D’Angelo Cafe: Creating memories this Mother’s Day

D’Angelo Café in Fremantle was established in 2017. Managed by Sascha D’Angelo, the grandson, of Maria and Olivio D’Angelo who migrated to Australia from Abruzzo, Italy, 70 years ago. They brought with them the gift of warm gatherings enriched with delicious Italian food, wine and love. 

We continue the tradition of sharing carefully prepared Italian food with the freshest, best ingredients. Freshly made pasta, wood-fired pizza, porchetta and share plates with fusions of Italian street food to name a few.

We open the doors to you with warm and friendly vibes, chilled music with weekly live gigs, an array of liquor to suit your tastes, dedicated chefs who prepare your meals with love, and our own exclusive blend of roasted coffee beans, Halcyon, that will awaken your senses.

Join us in creating happy memories of good food and good times. Great for your mind, body and soul.

D’Angelo Cafe
177 High Street, Fremantle
Phone 9336 6693

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