Letters 11.9.21


THE rank and file of those working in the local film industry are questioning  the agenda of those behind the government’s folly of promising millions of dollars to an entrepreneur for an inappropriately located development on Fremantle wharf which includes a film studio when there are more suitable locations for it and while hospitals are starving for funds.

It would appear the minister has been persuaded by some previous Screenwest executives and others who have been seduced by the superficial glamour of a film studio to support this project whose long term viability is questionable. 

Once it eventually becomes a white elephant and an expensive eyesore on the Fremantle heritage streetscape, perhaps the obvious re-developed luxury penthouse apartments will be allocated to those who lobbied to make I happen.

Daryl Binning 
Bull Creek


IT’S good to see (imo) candidates running against long-entrenched councillors. 

The local government review in 2012 (Robson report) made the point that: “A limit of three terms, or 12 years, is considered ample opportunity for an elected member to achieve a great deal for his or her community. This would facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience across a broader generational and cultural range. It is suggested that the term limit apply to both councillor and mayor positions, providing for 12 years as a councillor and eight years as a mayor.” 

The same review suggested that term limits would increase diversity (ironic given that some sitting councillors profess they support diversity yet if the review is to be considered the same councillors are blocking diversity).

Sean Hefferon
Wardie St, South Fremantle

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