Words of love

• Tide Robinson and (inset) Isaiah in King Eddies.

ON May 18 this year, my godmother Kirsty Carvalho gave birth to baby Isaiah at King Edward Memorial Hospital. 

Arriving seven weeks prematurely meant he needed to spend six weeks in the neo-natal ward, with four of those in an incubator. 

“It was a very emotional and hard time for us“ Kirsty said, speaking on behalf of herself and husband Duane. 

“Not being able to bring my baby home for weeks was challenging and incredibly difficult.“

The only interactions Isaiah had for the first month or so was with doctors, nursing staff and his parents. 

For short periods Kirsty was able to hold him to cuddle and feed but for the most part they were separated by glass.

Kirsty shared with me the importance of Isaiah being able to hear her voice and the endless hours of time she spent reading to her new son. 

Reading was one of the only ways to really connect and bond with her baby. 

Over time Isaiah not only recognised her voice, but he responded to the sounds, bringing him great comfort and reassurance that he wasn’t alone but instead in the company of his loving parents. 

Being a passionate writer of stories, I had recently won a writing competition with a $100 prize from Fremantle Press.

I saw this as an opportunity to put the money to good use, selecting and purchasing 10 books for babies and I’m now looking forward to delivering them to the neo-natal ward at King Edward Memorial Hospital which helped my little buddy.

Isaiah is growing stronger every day. 

I love to spend time with him and am so happy he’s ok. 

I hope that the new parents and babies that move through this ward enjoy the books I’m donating with each inscribed with 

“For all the brave babies And their bright futures.”

by TIDE ROBINSON (aged 10)

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