Letters 5.2.22

They got stars in their eyes

JULIAN GRILL’S current ‘expose’ of the Labor political skulduggery and behind-the-scenes deals done with local entrepreneurs known as WA Inc, is a discreet reminder to the current incumbents their increasing abuses of power are likely to yield the same explosive outcome. 

In recent times the Covid political smokescreen obliterated any scrutiny of questionable government deals and decisions.

These included over-riding local government planning decisions and community protest as their open green spaces and government property were handed over to property developers. 

Also environmental and similar concerns were brushed aside as Labor donor developers were given prime beachside real estate up and down the coast.

This blatant abuse of process was also evident recently when one of Labor’s regular generous donors was gifted 100+ million to construct a monolithic commercial structure on a heritage-listed section of Fremantle wharf. 

To garner support for what will ultimately become exclusive penthouses and apartments for the wealthy, a film studio has been tacked on to seduce the gullible. 

Retired Screenwest executives and a prominent member of the arts fraternity have been enlisted to support the property grab. 

More importantly, the studio carrot does not stack up with the local mainstream film industry and will do little to assist the emerging budget-conscious film-makers. 

The speed at which the decision to spend this money was rushed through parliament is almost criminal. The project must be scrapped immediately and the money already paid returned to the taxpayer.

Daryl Binning
Bull Creek

I sense smoke and mirrors

THANK heavens for Katy Mair and other concerned citizens for bringing to the attention of the public the state government’s refusal to officially designate some small parks in the Melvillle area as such. 

Obviously developers have had a hand in this decision and there has never been a government – state or federal – that did not fall in love with a developer after listening to their spin and smoke and mirrors ideas.

I just hope that the majority win in the last election has not blinded Mr McGowan or Ms Saffioti to the realities of voters wishes, especially when it comes to public open space; after all there will be another election.

Geoff Dunstone

I’m honoured, but…

I WAS honoured to receive the award as the Community Citizen of the Year last week and I thank you for your story in last week’s Herald (“Helping each other a key to cracking Covid,” January 29, 2022). 

While I acknowledge I have participated in many local community initiatives, I can’t claim credit for being the initiator of all the community initiatives you mentioned.

Community building is a collective effort and success comes when people work together and step up to share their ideas, skills and effort to make their community a better place. 

I’m lucky to have worked and volunteered with some creative co-leaders and collaborators who should also be acknowledged and thanked. 

They include: Felicity Newman and Mary Barton (Hilton School Breakfast program), Helena Cohen-Robertson (Cooking from Home and Garden Party Collective), Britta Matthews, Catherine McDonald and Linda Butcher (Magical Mystery Tram Tour) and the Hilton Heights Neighbours group who worked together to get our local pocket park created.

Maureen Maher

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