Covid project makes waves

Geoff Chambers in the boat his brother Marty built (below).

BOATIES gawked and even the Rottnest ferry stopped by for a wave as two brothers’ Covid project made an unusual site way off Freo’s coast last Thursday.

Back in 2020 as Covid hit, Geoff and Marty Chambers found themselves stranded in Tasmania after sailing into Hobart just as the nation went into its first lockdown.

To help pass the time, they visited the local wooden boat centre which got Marty inspired to have a go and build his own 10 foot dinghy when they finally got back home to Freo.

“He did a stunning job and after we’d sailed it a few times on the Swan we were so impressed we decided it should be sailed to Rotto to prove it was more than just a toy,” Geoff says.

He took it across to the island, bought himself a pie at the bakery before sailing back home again, the whole voyage taking just over five hours because they’d picked a day of light winds to avoid nasty waves.

“Bigger boats would come close to wave and one of the ferries came really close and slowed down. I think he was showing me to his passengers as they were all madly waving and taking photos,” Geoff says.

“I think one of the good things to come out of the pandemic is people have had to rethink their recreations. 

“Overseas holidays have been out so people have been discovering art, music, DIY projects; and building this boat would never have happened if it wasn’t for Covid.”

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