AFL mascot stoush 

Artist Morgana Morgan reckons the Dockers’ latest mascot Dokka the Quokka (below) bears an uncanny resemblance to her creation Rotto Roxie (above).

WA ARTIST Morgana Morgan claims she’s been kicked around by the Fremantle Dockers whose latest mascot Dokka looks a lot like her own character Rotto Roxie.

“[The Fremantle Dockers] have used my drawing, without my permission, to create their mascot,” Ms Morgan told the Herald. 

Ms Morgan first began sketching Roxie in 2018, but it wasn’t until Covid lockdowns in 2020 that she found time to fully flesh out her designs.

“[She] became my companion; I was excited to see her become an ambassadress for Western Australia,” Ms Morgan said.

And so, she sent her sketches and 3D maquettes of Rotto Roxie to the Dockers’ Facebook page. 

“They answered me asking if I would mind if they used my drawing to help them with a quokka project they were working on,” Ms Morgan said. 

She replied that she had plans for “Roxie to be used as a logo for a clothing line”. 

Ms Morgan said she never heard back from the Dockers after that.

“The next thing I saw was the Fremantle Dockers releasing photographs of their new mascot Dokka,” Ms Morgan said.

Dokka was officially unveiled in July this year.

Ms Morgan said she was shocked by the resemblance between Dokka the Quokka and her “soul mate” Rotto Roxie – even down to the purple thongs. 

“Thongs are part of who Roxie is,” Ms Morgan said. 

“[As] A football team promoting their game and players, I believe most people would have put cleats on their quokka. A Fremantle Dockers spokesperson told the Herald, “club management have been made aware of the matter and have reached out to [Ms Morgan] to address her concerns”.


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