Prickly probem

Fremantle MP Josh Wilson arrived at WA Wildlife just in time to witness surgery on an injured echidna. They see more of the monotremes than you’d think.

VOLUNTEER groups have shared $63,000 in volunteering grants around the federal Fremantle electorate.

Groups such as WA Wildlife, Cockburn Netball Club, Glyde-in Community Learning Centre, Jandakot Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and the Italian Club Fremantle received up to $5000.

WA Wildlife’s director of operations Dean Huxley said they’d be using their $3000 to reimburse volunteers for fuel bills.

“Our volunteers do a lot of driving around picking up injured wildlife, and this is a way of showing that their time and efforts and really appreciated,” Mr Huxley said.

Federal Fremantle Labor MP Josh Wilson visited WA Wildlife to see their work, arriving in time to see an operation on an injured echidna.

Mr Huxley said there are plenty of the spiny critters in the suburbs, but they’re nocturnal and shy so often people aren’t aware they’re around.

WA Wildlfe get around 20 a year, mostly after accidents with cars, and he says the big problem is if their beak gets damaged, as they can’t survive unless it’s completely healed.

“But we can do some pretty cool surgery,” he said.

Mr Wilson praised volunteers who give their time to organisations across Fremantle and Cockburn.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of organisations that provide a vast array of opportunity to be involved in recreational, sporting, cultural, learning and service activities in our community,” he said.

“From junior sport to continuous learning for seniors, and emergency services to care for wildlife, I have seen first-hand during my visits that these 20 recipient organisations rely on the strength of their volunteers to enrich our community.”

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